WRN Chemical Inc.

Chemical and Intellectual Property Development Services

WRN Chemical Inc.

Chemical and Intellectual Property Development Services

About WRN Chemical

WRN Chemical provides innovative services for the information, energy, and pharmaceutical industries. We provide consulting, contract research services, and intellectual property development. We work closely with academic and industrial partners and provide innovative strategies for technology development while maintaining the high level of standards established by various industries. Our staff has many years of experience developing and licensing intellectual property, pharmaceutical research and development, and management consulting. We have a legal team that oversees our technology licensing and a technology team that develops new chemical technologies at our R/D facility in Toronto. Our employees have PhD's or have other professional designations and have worked closely with academic institutions and corporations. We service a wide spectrum of industrial markets that include the chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.


WRN Chemical President and CEO discusses potential new technologies that can be used to combat COVID-19 with different pharmaceutical company representatives.


WRN Chemical is granted a Canadian patent for a chemical process that leads to high value oil and gas chemicals.


WRN Chemical awarded a United States patent for a new chemical process technology that leads to pharmaceutical analogues that can be made into a therapeutic that can treat and cure Type II Diabetes.


WRN Chemical President and CEO discusses equity offerings with Bank of Montreal financing executives.